Who we are and what we do at Rehab Matters.



Who we are and what we
do at Rehab Matters



Bronwyn is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ clinical experience in community based rehabilitation.  Her area of specialty is spinal cord injury rehabilitation.  She takes a proactive, person centred approach with a focus on achieving agreed goals and outcomes for her clients.    

Bronwyn has extensive experience in the public and private rehabilitation sector.  In 2012, she established Rehab Matters where she has continued to provide specialist occupational therapy and rehabilitation consultancy services for people who have sustained a spinal cord injury or other traumatically acquired injuries including traumatic brain injury, amputations, burns and complex orthopaedic injuries.  This includes people with a newly acquired injury or a long-standing injury.  Bronwyn tailors Occupational Therapy services to address the person’s specific rehabilitation goals taking into consideration the person’s individual and unique life circumstances. She takes a proactive, person centred approach with a focus on achieving agreed goals and specific outcomes. 

Bronwyn has experience working with a range of funding bodies including iCare (Lifetime Care), iCare (Workers Care), NSW Workers Compensation schemes,  NDIS (self or plan managed participants only) and interstate injury management schemes such as TAC (Victoria), TIO (Northern Territory) and LSA (South Australia). 

Bronwyn is a proud member of Occupational Therapy Australia.  She is committed to maintaining a high level of professional development to keep abreast of current research in her area of clinical practice.  The enables her to deliver professional, high quality, evidence-based services.    

Bronwyn is highly regarded in providing specialist Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation consultation services in the area of complex rehabilitation and injury management.  Her professionalism, impartiality, communication, and negotiation skills are invaluable when completing independent assessments and balancing the needs of various stakeholders.  Bronwyn has been appointed to provide the following specialist assessment services:

•   AHPRA Registered Occupational Therapist
  iCare Approved Building Modifications Occupational Therapist
  iCare Approved Building Modification Disputes Assessor
  iCare (Lifetime Care) Disputes Assessor
  Care Approved Case Manager
  iCare Approved Care Needs Assessment
  Accredited FIM Assessor


Rehab Matters is passionate about assisting people achieve independence and resume life roles as a result of acquiring an injury or disability. 

Rehab Matters is a private rehabilitation provider of occupational therapy and rehabilitation consultancy services specialising in spinal cord injury and other physical and neurological disabilities.  Established by Bronwyn Mewett in 2012, Rehab Matters is based on her extensive knowledge and experience as an Occupational Therapist in community based spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy services can be provided on an assessment only basis or as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.  This includes people with a newly acquired injury or a person with a long-standing injury requiring intermittent Occupational Therapy services.  Occupational Therapy services are always designed to reflect the person’s specific goals taking into consideration their unique life circumstances.

Rehab Matters specialises in assessment and prescription of home modifications and consultation services about new home design to accommodate a person’s injury related needs.  Prescription of complex equipment including power and manual wheelchairs as well as supporting a person to transition to community-based living after inpatient rehabilitation is also an area of specialty.

Rehabilitation consultancy services including assessment of rehabilitation needs, assessment of care needs and completion of FIM assessments are regularly undertaken by Rehab Matters.

Rehab Matters has limited capacity for rehabilitation case management services. 

“I have known Bronwyn for almost 20 years when I first had my accident.  She has always been excellent to deal with and has helped me with all of my equipment needs over the years.  It is great to work with someone who understands my injury and my specific needs to help me get the equipment which is right for me.”


“Bronwyn is extremely thorough in everything she does.  She always listens to me but is happy to share her knowledge and experience to help me make decisions.” 


“Bronwyn is a great OT!  She has helped me to find a suitable place to live after my accident and helped to sort out some modifications to my home to enable me to live independently.  I continue to call her when I need help in sorting out my wheelchair or other equipment issues.  She always has great ideas on how to solve my problems.”




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